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Catering DMC Group, Isla Margarita

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DMC Group Full Catering Service 
DMC Group Full Catering Service 
DMC Group Full Catering Service 
DMC Group Full Catering Service 
Catering DMC Group, Isla Margarita
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Title: Catering DMC Group, Isla Margarita

Counter: 15418

Address: CC. Provemed Piso 2 Ofic. 34 Av. Bolivar

Contact Information

Name: Destination Management Consult C.A.
Email: Contact Seller
Phone: 0295-4156711 o 0414-7882405

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Meeting the needs of our customers through our services Full Catering Service, with the highest standards of quality, efficiency and competitiveness, based on continuous improvement and sustained growth in all business units assigned to the Destination Management Group CONSULT CA
Being the leader in the business of Full Service Catering in Margarita Island, running the own shares in each business unit (catering, espresso catering, restaurant, hotel) relying on a team, professional and high-performance, adapting to the needs of each client.
"Professionalism: Effective response in the management to provide excellent service and conviction to provide the best of themselves with a high sense of responsibility.
Sense of belonging to the organization: To demonstrate pride in what successes of the organization they belong and show sincere concern over the difficulties of the company, bringing their experiences and knowledge.
"Responsibility at Work: Positive response to the obligation, an attitude that is taken before the results of the work being done and what they have to answer to others.
-Love at Work: Demonstrating consistency in the work, be careful, retail, exhibit interest and readiness.
"Cooperation among members: achievement-oriented behavior of the common good, with group mentality that facilitates overcoming the weaknesses and enhance strengths.
"Honesty: Demonstrate honor and dignity, integrity in action. Being incorruptible and impartial. Reject theft, fraud or other forms of corruption.
At Catering by Group DMC take care of every detail to achieve the perfect environment, because we know the importance of a unique and pleasantly memorable.
Sociale: Weddings, Bar Mitzvah, Theme Parties, Holidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries, 15th Birthday, First Communion and Christening.
Weddings: Civil and Ecclesiastical. Corporate anniversaries, inaugurations, conventions, product launches, Stands, New Year's Eve Celebrations, Promotions, Concept and Art Direction.

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